Buyer's Term & Conditions

1. I/we acknowledge that the administrator of this website and the products sellers had taken their best to post accurate information of the products but the illustrations may vary from the actual image.

2. I/we had furnished sufficient and accurate information required for delivery purpose such as date of delivery or collection, method of delivery, delivery address or pick-up location, recipient contact number, approximate delivery or pick-up time and other necessary information.

3. I/we shall pick up order(s) within stipulated time at the determined location; or I/we shall ensure the availability of the recipient at the delivery address at the stipulated time.

4. I/we agree that any cancellation of order is not entitled to replacement or refunds.

5. I/we agree that there shall be no replacement or refund for failure in collecting the order(s) within the stipulated time or failure in delivery due to recipient unavailability at the delivery address within the stipulated delivery time.

6. I/we agree to pay for the total price including Goods Sales Tax (GST) and delivery charges upon receipt of the order if the payment method is Cash on Delivery.

7. In case of inability of the seller to deliver the order on time due to situation beyond the control of the seller, upon notification by the seller I/we shall decide whether to cancel and receive full refund or accept replacement or substitution of the order.

8. I/we agree that my order is subject to availability of the products and thus, I accept full refund for non-delivery which due to out of stock.

9. I/we agree that this website owner and administrator shall not be liable for non-performance by the seller and any dispute arises therefrom shall be referred to the Dispute Resolution Committee established by RISDA.

10. I/we agree that these Terms and Conditions and the usage of this website are governed by Malaysian Laws.